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And we're off!

Hi All,

First round of race updates for the year and it appears the Tewkesbury trophy cabinets are already bulging! See the reports below that I have had submitted recently. It is always great to hear how you got on.

Dave T

On the warmest, sunniest day in February ever, there was a bank of impenetrable fog hanging over the village. The race director reluctantly killed the bike leg and turned it into a run. Having ripped the joy out of the day, I lined up hoping my spaghetti like hamstrings weren’t under cooked. It was as unpleasant as you can imagine. Especially when the eventual winner sprinted past like I’d stopped to do my laces. Apparently he’d missed the start as he couldn’t see where it was in the fog. I managed 7th place and 2nd in age. The best bit was winning a tenner. Brilliantly old skool. It’s a shame that will be the last one. Maybe we should do one to replace it?

Chris R

The first race of the season for me was the Forest of Dean Spring Trails Half Marathon. I was hoping the increased training I’d managed over winter, (Zwift is my new bff), would prove itself with me beating my current PB of 1:46. The course was dry and hard under foot, more like running on roads than trail and the first 3 miles was all downhill - so I set off at a ridiculous pace! Things soon settled down as I got used to undulating course, with Russ going past me strongly about 5 miles in and despite me working hard, it wasn’t long until I was into the final few miles. I’d refused to look at my watch until the finish line was in sight and was delighted to cross in 1:40:12, taking 6 minutes of my previous PB! Overall, the event was fantastically organised and probably very picturesque, but I was pushing too hard to notice!

Jayne C

I took part in a cross duathlon on March 23rd down in Matterley Basin. Off road run/MTB/off road run. It was TrailX event. There’s a link to photos on their FB page. I hate writing; prefer data. Finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age category.

Mark W

I did the Gloucester half marathon 20th Jan (1:24:39). A PB for me (rare at my age), and second in age group.

and the 20:20 fission Berkely 20 mile run 16th March (2:21:00). Not especially fast but first in age group. A very windy day where I actually used drafting meaningfully in a run for the first time!

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