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Our Approach


We recognise the need to adapt to individual athlete's needs and embrace the flexibility needed to be inclusive in our coaching approach.


With a dedicated coaching liaison officer sitting on the committee we are able to connect our members needs with the coaching programme to deliver strong progression.

Our Weekly Training Sessions


  • ​Monday: 20:05 - 21:05

  • Tuesday: 06:15 - 07:45

  • Thursday: 06:15 - 07:45

  • Thursday: 19:05 - 20:35

  • Saturday: 07:15 - 08:45

Bike and Run

  • Turbo Tuesday

  • Run Wednesday (winter)

  • Wednesday bike 

  • Weekend and mid-week rides 

  • Sunday long run.

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Evesham Velo Park Sessions

We've secured a regular fortnightly slot at the new Evesham Velo Park bike track. It's a safe, closed circuit that is floodlit and we have exclusive use during our session.


This session is included in our membership package.

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