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Marathon Season and a Half

Alec was first off the blocks for this update with his not so romantic experience in Paris. 'I always said that a ½ marathon was as far as I ever wanted to run but last year, with a friend already entered, my wife suggested that a nice weekend in France in April would be great and so on Sunday I found myself lining up on the start of the Paris Marathon (which I swore would be my one and only). Training through rain, snow, gales, freezing temperatures with a head torch didn’t equip me for 20+ degrees & brilliant sunshine but on the whole it was a great experience and I finished in 4:18:20. I had been aiming for around a 4 hour time but hadn't factored in that with over 44,000 running you can’t really get the pace right at the start so although I was through the half marathon in just under 2hrs there was not a great deal left in the tank for the final quarter. I can categorically state that the helpful spectators holding signs along that last part of the route saying “Pain is just the French for Bread” were lying. Few days later & the aches have worn off and am already planning the next one…what about a nice weekend in Italy........

We haven't seen much of Phillip recently as he struggles with injury following a hefty bike crash but it hasn't stopped him pounding the streets as he told me 'I guess you may not have seen, but I completed a bit of a milestone on 13th March with my 250th marathon at Milton Keynes in the Week at the Knees day 2 Enigma Running event. Celebrated with a balloon, cakes and a new 100 Marathon Club 250 shirt. Quite proud of that I have to admit. I’m well on the way to 100 each of road (82), trail (87) and ultra (82) now and my ambition to be the first known person to do 100 of each. Only 6 people in the UK as far as I can tell have achieved the 100 of each ‘Triple Crown’ anyway and certainly no-one over 70 at the time has done it (maybe even over 60?).' More of Phillip later!

Meanwhile Elaine doesn't find it too grim up north as she managed a sub-4hr finish in the Blackpool marathon in a fine 3.58.

Finally on the marathon front for now, it was the big one in London. There were at least 2 TTC members who rose to the challenge:- Suzie finishing in 4:23 and proving you can't keep a good man down, Phillip in 6:31.

Meanwhile Jo managed the half distance. Having trained up for the Weston race which was snowed off at the last minute, she held her form to complete the Thames Valley Spring Half Marathon in Windsor. Her persistence was rewarded with a PB of 1:58:55

Finally, Nicole and Jen-Sue represented TTC at the Redditch Go-Tri event. Nicole came home 5th in her age group in 54:35 - a great result for her first Tri. Jen-Sue followed her home in 1:14:00 to take 1st in her age group.

Don't forget, if you've something to share, please let me know. Photos are always a bonus!!

Nicole Redditch Go Tri

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