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Carter - the Unstoppable, Battling Bosworth, Racing Down Under and Around the Corner.

Ironman Martin leads off the latest update with a trip to Wales:-

'It had been a long time coming but, the day finally arrived on Sunday 9th September. The weather reports were mixed on the day, luckily I woke to calm dry conditions.

The day started at T1 - 1k from the swim start at North Beach to secure nutrition and Garmins to the bike, then the nervous walk to beach. Water temperature was 16 degrees and shortly after the Welsh anthem (I’m not Welsh but that was something special) at 7am I was away. The swim went well and yippee no cramp! 2 laps and 2.4 miles later I was done in 1hr 12m, a set of trainers on and then the 1K run through hundreds of spectators to T1.

Off on the bike course and the wind was picking up, almost 8000ft of climbs. The three biggest climbs having to be done twice once at mile 70 and again at mile 105.

Onto the run which was pretty much 5k up 5k down x 4, I had to really dig deep as the hills on the bike and run had taken their toll but the spectators always pick you up, they were unbelievable - something I’ll never forget. On my third time of seeing Lesley, I knew the next time I’d see her would be at the finish line. As I ran down the red carpet with 13hrs 23m on the clock I heard the words Martin Carter “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN.” An amazing day made special by the people of Tenby and Pembrokeshire.'

Meanwhile Chris was battling the elements at Bosworth:- 'It’s been five months since my first triathlon and I’m treading water on a cold, Sunday morning, wondering what exactly I’d let myself in for…

The Battle of Bosworth Middle Distance Triathlon is held at Bosworth Water Park and is run by Speed Hub Tri Club, a small, friendly club much like our own. The success of the event owed much to the detailed organisation and uplifting support from its upbeat race team and volunteers (again, much like our own TTC!) With a field of only 13 for the middle distance (45 for the later starting sprint), I was at least guaranteed a top 20 finish… if I made it to the end! Drizzle, strong winds and a water temperature of 12 degrees definitely made for a cold start to the event, however, I was sixth out of the water and after quite a lengthy transition (long run from the lake and donning of cold weather clothing) I set off on the bike feeling strong. In my previous two sprints, I’d managed to (some degree) hold my own on the bike stage. However, not so in this race! My total lack of time and experience on road bikes really showed (I got my first road bike 6 months ago – a £150 eBay special!), as I not only got overtaken by everyone, I even got lapped! The course was four, 14 miles laps along undulating, mostly quiet country lanes with just one section along the busier A444. I drank a lot (2 x toilet stops), had perhaps too many gels (couldn’t face any more on the run) and my chain came off 4 times, but I got around in a time of 3:17, which I was pleased with. (The winner completed it in 2:15!)

Certainly not as forecast, the sun decided to come out for the run. The 20 degree heat, as well as an ongoing calf problem (which only got worse) combined to see my pace drop steadily throughout the run. However, I was determined to keep going and managed to get around in two hours, giving a final chip time for the race of 5:56:24. Overall, the Battle of Bosworth is a well organised event with superb support from Speed Hub Tri. I’ve come away with the knowledge that I need to improve my bike, be cleverer with nutrition and plan for the unexpected (sunscreen!)

Meanwhile Tom decided to compete with Helen to see who could do the event furthest from Home by competing in the Sydney duathlon. He was pleased with 10th under 30 in a field containing a lot of team Australia athletes. This was despite a technical bike course around the Olympic Park with 20 dead turns.

Closer to home, Julia and Terry represented TTC at the Black Country sprint event. We expected to be the only local club among a lot of Black Country accents but Malvern were there on mass. It turns out they have a club outing to this one every year! A nice wide pool, undulating bike course and a nicethere and back run along an old railway line. As usual, Team Ballard came in within a couple of minutes of each other.

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Talking of nice wide pools, there was a good turnout from TTC at the Sandford Lido triathlon. Unfortunately there were a few problems at the event with long delays in registration and a competitor being involved in a serious accident which resulted in the cycle course being re-routed. Hopefully it will be sorted for the next one.

Among the results I managed to pick out, Duncan managed an impressive 50:26 to finish 41st overall, Russell (51:16) for 55th, Kathy managed to finish 227th. Team Ballard fielded three members finishing 173th, 188th and despite having to walk the run leg, 344th. There may have been more of us there, but it was difficult to tell in the chaos of transition!

I'm sure that a few results will have slipped through the net, but you know what to do!

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